Nothing Owed +2

by the valenteens

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released September 16, 2013

recorded, etc. by kris di benedetto in late august of two thousand thirteen. cover photo by alex beyer.

vincent aguilar - guitar & vocals
kris di benedetto - drums
kyle king - bass


tags: punk Chicago



the valenteens Chicago, Illinois

kittycatimfeelingheavy@gmail for booking info

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Track Name: Nothing Owed
You felt it off and on. You pretend to your parents you feel strong. You can lie if you want to. Did you lie when you...? Vacation never lasted; so long. His words like poison. You saw her at the other end of the room. Your plane leaves tomorrow. Can't wait around for something that will never come. You can cry if you want to, did you cry when you...? Spring cleaning never lasted; so long. "Oh, there's no problem." Seen it in your eyes. Your eyes, land mines. He grips the wheel, throws up, no big deal. He sold your gift at half-past noon. You make it so obvious.
Track Name: I Don't Like You
I'm laughing. There's a hole in your head. I can see it spilling. Aloof 'til you're dead. I don't like you. Quick to leave it alone, but you're part of it. Retching every day you're at home. I watched you avoid it. So afraid of being sincere. I'm done with you.
Track Name: To The Quick
And when she lays you down, does she tell you about the boys she's met? Does she try to pretend that you're the only one in her head? She has a crush on everyone. So you see her on the weekends. Who does she see on the weekdays? Does she even pretend that you're the only one in her head? You know it's not so bad, when you know you're not the last guy she'll have. She has a crush on everyone.

(The lyrical content of this song can be seen as "slut-shaming". My response to this can be seen on the track's individual page, which can be accessed by clicking on the song's title.)